We apologize, we are currently working on the translation of our entire website. The philosophy of city ski is such that we provide skiing and also fun. And so all the information on our website is written in a fun way. As you can imagine, some jokes cannot be translated automatically, so we have to pretty much re-write the website in english. At this time you can read this general information about city ski or you can use the reservations section in english. All other sections are only available in czech. If you want to read or browse the other sections, please use google translate. Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to see you on our ski trips.

General information about CITYSKI

Perhaps you are on our site for the first time, perhaps you are our regular client wanting to read more about the history and philosophy of CITY SKI. We would like to thank you for your interest and on this page we will try to supply you with general information about our services. For specific detailed information, please visit our individual sections by clicking them in the left panel.

We have many international clients

The majority of our clients our from Bohemia or Moravia, but on each bus we have many international guests. The Czech Republic is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan due to many student exchange programs and international companies setting up their offices in this affordable work market. Maybe you are also working for one of these companies outsourcing their accounting or IT services here. As we say, outsourcing to the Czech Republic means that Eastern European workers will do Western European work for Eastern European money. But you are here because you chose to and because also the cost of living here is much lower than, say in London or Amsterdam. Plus there two other big arguments for you study or work stay in the Czech Republic: the omnipresent cheap beer and abundance of hot Czech girls. But you have probably explored both of these already.

Our services are also in foreign languages

All our instructors speak English and many of them can speak also other foreign languages. CITY SKI owner, Pavel Trcala speaks English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, and a few other Eastern Europan languages. If you happen to get him as a tour leader on your trip, just go ahead and test him.


Clients fly from abroad to join our ski trips

Our prices are so good that we have clients flying in from the United Kingdom or from the Netherlands. These clients come and hang out in Prague or Brno and come on trips with us. This way, they can combine skiing and sight-seeing in one affordable package. Please contact us if you or your friends abroad would like to come and we will take care of plane tickets, hotels, transfers.


CITY SKI is one of the flagships of our company called CITY SPORTS Ltd. As the name suggests, we are dedicated to provide sporting opportunities for people living in cities. With CITY SKI, our main objective is to offer a comfortable, easily bookable, affordable, and fun way to enjoy a one-day or a multi-day ski trip. We take care of everything from A to Z. In the morning you will board our bus and you do not have to worry about anything. On the way up to the mountains, you will relax and enjoy our on-board entertainment, you will see funny skiing videos, you will get a complimentary copy of a skiing or snowboarding magazine, we will find you a partner for skiing and maybe even for life in our match-making show.

Vip guests and vip treatment

On selected trips, you will even sit next to some VIP guests from sports and social celebrities. Upon arrival to the resort, you will not have to stand in line for your lift ticket, because you will get it directly from us. If interested, you will give you a ski or snowboard instructor totally FREE of charge as a thank you for choosing CITY SKI.

Bode Miller and Pavel Trcala

Our client must have the best comfort

With our unprecedented customer care, CITY SKI is now the biggest provider of one-day ski trips in the Czech Republic, both for snow skiing and for water skiing. Our main speciality is one-day ski trips and in this field we are an absolute leader. We are patriotic and steer the majority of our trips to our Bohemian and Moravian mountains, because we believe that they offer the best price to quality ratio. To diversify our services for regular clients, we also offer weekend and week-long ski trips to Slovakia, Austria, Italy, France or the Balkans. We currently provide our services from Prague, Brno, and Ostrava. In the coming seasons we will also offer our CITY SKI bus trips from Pilsen, Bratislava, Wroclaw, and Dresden.

You ski, we drive

Leave all the worries of winter driving sitting in the warm garage at home and enjoy the comfort of our ski buses. Sit back, enjoy a mulled wine drink on the slope or a beer on the bus. Or just get a nap, so you are ready for night life back in town. If you have an old Skoda car or a new Porsche Cayenne, let your vehicle sit at home and ride to the mountains with us. We guarantee you comfort and great fun in our CITY SKI community.

CITY SKI Klínovec 28 12 2012

Skiing with us must not be expensive

For all ski and snow enthusiasts, we offer very affordable skiing. Our packages start at BUS + LIFT TICKET = CZK 600 (GBP 20; EUR 24; USD 30). For bigger resorts in the Czech Republic, our price is BUS + LIFT TICKET = CZK 700 (GBP 23; EUR 28; USD 35). Night skiing is even cheaper at BUS + LIFT TICKET = CZK 300 (GBP 10; EUR 12; USD 14) or BUS + LIFT TICKET = CZK 400 (GBP 13; EUR 16; USD 20). You can really afford this.

We love skiing

Our fast and comfortable buses will take you to the mountain in just two hours, and sometimes even faster, depending on the ski area. Nobody else can give same services for a better price than CITY SKI. Our clients can enjoy free ski rental, free instructor services, and one-of-a-kind on-board entertainment. We do this all for one simple reason: we simply love skiing.

Majitel CITY SKI Pavel Trèala na monoski pod vrcholem Pradìdu

Advantages of CITYSKI

Comfortable, fun and carefree journey from the city center to the mountains, VIP parking at the chairlift, no waiting in line for the lift tickets, free ski instructor and free ski rental - these are the advantages of CITY SKI. All these services are available in our package at an unbeatable price of CZK 600 CZK or CZK 700 depending on the ski area. On our regular menu, you can choose from a dozen of the best resorts in the Czech Republic and irregularly we also offer trips to other resorts to spice up your ski adventures.

Match-making and trips for singles

On our trips, you will never ski alone. You will meet new friends and have fun in the snow. You can also meet the love of your life on any of our trips. Many of our clients started dating after meeting while skiing with us. It is much better to meet on a ski trip, rahter than at the office or at the bar. To help this, we also offer special trips for singles. On these trips, you can only sign up on your own or with a friend of the same sex, or with a friend of the opposite sex, if you are the other way around. You can sign up with a friend of the opposite sex only if you are not in a sexual or romantic or romantically-sexual relationship with him or her.

Kiss Jan Shimmerle

Moral hazards on singles trips

If you have a wife or a girlfriend waiting for you at home and you still feel the urge to sign up for our special SINGLES trip, please, consider what happened to Tiger Woods. We do not think that it is moral, we will accept your booking. In this case, please, do not ask us about storing your ring in the compartment box of the driver. Also, your new acquaintances may be documented by CITY SKI instructors and/or other passengers and these photos may be posted on the CITY SKI Facebook page.

CITY SKI Vìra Valíèková v areálu Kouty

Skiing with us if you are married

If you are married or in a relationship, you do not have to be afraid, nobody will bite you, attack you, or jump on you in the snow. You can come as a couple and enjoy a wonderful romantic day with blue skies and white powder. CITY SKI supports marriage and we are happy to see people sitting next to each other and having the same last name.

Bus CITY SKI na Klínovci v prosinci 2012