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28. 4. 2019
Praděd :: BUS + SKIPAS = 900 Kč

Click on your selected date and destination and a special booking form will open. If you do not know where you want to go, close your eyes, move your mouse up five times and down six times and then click. You might end up on a randomly selected ski trip. You might end up in our Photogallery. You might end up with a black screen if you accidentaly press the shut down button on your computer. In this case, restart your computer and repeat the entire process again.

You do not have to call and ask us if we have a seat for you:

You do not have to call our CITY SKI team and ask us if we have place for you to go on our trip. Do you remember the famous quote from Dirty Dancing: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" So we say: "CITY SKI never puts a skier or snowboarer in a corner." If you want to get out and ski or ride, it is your human right and we will do everything to accommodate your desire. We have a fleet of modern buses and we deploy them flexibly according to the current number of passangers for a given trip. We have small buses, medium buses, regular size buses, high-capacity three axle buses and even double-decker buses. We use these buses and their combination to satisfy everyone who wants to hit the slopes with us. Attention, for our multi-day trips, we have limited hotel or hostel capacity and usually limit these trips to one bus per trip.

How to reserve a city ski trip:

Booking a winter ski trip or water ski trip with CITY SKI can be made in our reservation system. We created this system taking into account our empirical research on computer working skills of slightly mentally disabled skiers in our CITY SKI testing center in Ulaanbaatar. For each date and each ski area, there is a picture to give you a double visual check for the reservation you are making. If, by mistake, you sign up for a wrong trip, you will be entered into a drawing for a three-month unpaid internship in our Mongolian training camp.

All our ski trips include these services:

=> bus transportation from your city to the ski resort and back
=> skiing or snowboarding magazine to get you into the right ripping mood
=> day, night, or multi-day lift ticket according to the type of the trip
=> expert supervision of our quality ski & snowboard instructors
=> limited free ski or snowboard rental for beginners or expats
=> entertainment including apres-ski disco, match-making, competitions
=> bonus services like bobsled runs or welcome drinks depending on each resort
=> for multi-day trips also accommodation, meals, aquapark, and other services

Booking rules:

When reserving our ski trip, you agree with the CITY SKI Rules. The full text of the Rules can be found in the Rules section of our website. We highly recommend you to read these rules. You will not be excused if you have not read our rules.

Our CITY SKI buses in some of our partner resorts:

CITY SKI bus ve středisku Klínovec

CITY SKI bus in the Klínovec ski area:

CITY SKI bus ve středisku Dolní Morava

CITY SKI bus in the Dolní Morava ski area:

CITY SKI bus ve středisku Kouty

CITY SKI bus in the Kouty ski area:

CITY SKI bus ve středisku Stuhleck

CITY SKI bus in the Stuhleck ski area:

CITY SKI bus ve středisku Červenohorské Sedlo

CITY SKI bus at the Červenohorské Sedlo mountain pass ski area: